Restaurant Point of Sale

Lavu POS, the premier restaurant management platform, is exclusively designed to streamline restaurant and bar operations from the back of the house to the front.

The Best-in-Class, End-to-End
Restaurant POS Management Solution

Lavu’s all-in-one restaurant management platform streamlines all aspects of your business. In addition to providing POS essentials like direct-to-kitchen ordering and modern payment solutions, a Lavu system also manages scheduling, inventory, payroll, and so much more. Lavu restaurant POS has everything your restaurant needs, in one compact solution.

Designed Exclusively for Restaurants and Bars

Ease of Use

Lavu’s intuitive restaurant point of sale cuts back on staff training times. Using our POS comes naturally to anyone familiar with a tablet or cell phone.

Thorough Tracking

As a restaurant owner, you need to understand everything that’s going on at your establishment. Quickly check all data, including:
  • Real-time sales
  • Inventory levels
  • Real-time payments
  • Labor reports
  • Individual menu items

Total Efficiency

Lavu’s mobile restaurant POS saves time for servers and kitchen staff. Information is sent quickly from the front of house to the back with no need for running around and less room for mistakes.
  • Restaurant Management Efficiency

    “Lavu has been proven to be a great tool for my business, Rude Boy Cookies. We use it to track sales, manage our menu mix and input schedules to name a few. I look forward to growing my business with Lavu along for the ride.”

    — Michael Silva, Co-Owner,
    Rude Boy Cookies

  • Best-in-Class Integrations

    “Lavu is very straightforward, it also integrates nicely with some of the other applications that allows us to even drill in deeper and to really understand where all of our money’s going”

    — Jeremy Dow, Owner,
    Devon’s Pop Smoke

  • Customer Support is Customer Success

    “Any time I have a question, I can talk to anyone at Lavu 24/7. They always answer and are able to help fix any issue. Not every single business is the same. It’s nice to be able to customize the system to our needs and pick and choose what we want.”

    — Matt Bregar, President,
    Pinon Coffee Company

Lavu Restaurant POS Software - Helps Reduce Costs & Increase Profits

Lavu restaurant POS helps reduce unnecessary costs in the kitchen and on the floor. You’ll see when you’ve got too many staff members scheduled. Use what you learn to streamline your scheduling and buying habits and save yourself money. You can also track what’s going well, see which menu items are the biggest sellers and which have the highest profit margins. You can make sure you’ll never run out, so your sales continue to increase.

A Lavu POS helps you assess your business, end to end, so you can make the necessary changes for success.

Restaurant POS Front of House Features

Open tables, open orders, and payment status

Servers and bar staff can see the exact layout of your restaurant or bar reflected on the screen. A customized layout helps track open tables and orders as well as payment status.

How it should be cooked

With a customized menu you can add the right modifiers, forced and optional, to ensure your servers are upselling whenever possible and sending all necessary information to the kitchen.

Restaurant POS Back of House Features

Inventory Tracking

Cut back on food waste while keeping key ingredients in stock.

Scheduling Shifts

Staff can trade shifts and clock in or out with utmost efficiency and ease.

Total Efficiency

Lavu’s mobile restaurant POS saves time for servers and kitchen staff. Information is sent quickly from the front of house to the back with no need for running around and less room for mistakes.
"Lavu restaurant POS makes our servers more efficient, one of the most important things I see is an iPad in their hand taking the orders; because they can take the order, repeat it back to the guest, and send it to the kitchen and there are far fewer mistakes between the kitchen and the server to the table."

Richard Solomon, General Manager, GrowlerUSA

Why Do You Need Lavu’s Restaurant POS?

  • Reduce Costs

    • Control inventory purchases
    • Optimize staff scheduling
    • Reduce training hours
  • Total Efficiency

    • Keep track of high profit menu items
    • Reduce waste from human error
    • Cut down on FOH to BOH communication times
  • Total Efficiency

    • Reward loyal customers
    • Reduce wait times & order mistakes
    • Create a custom loyalty app

Restaurant POS Software

Cloud based to allow for real-time reports Customer data management & Manage staff Open API so we can offer best-in-class integrations

Restaurant POS Hardware

Terminals, flipbase, and handheld devices for versatility Countertop, freestanding, and wall mounting options High grade construction with a small footprint

Payment Processing

Fast, Simple, and Secure Payment Processing Low rates with flexible terms and no hidden fees Get a free savings analysis,

365/24/7 Customer Support

Our customer support team is always there for you Speak with our U.S. based, in-house team Customer support available for Spanish speakers

They’ll be admiring and enjoying their food

Customers today expect nothing less than excellent service and a seamless experience. Fast, efficient, and attentive service without errors is a must. Lavu’s iPad-based restaurant POS speeds up order placement and payment processing so servers can provide top notch service while customers focus on relaxing and enjoying the experience.

Once you’ve made a great first impression, use Lavu’s customer database to gather customer names, email addresses, and phone numbers, which you can use for marketing, gift cards, and loyalty programs.

Lavu POS is Versatile for Different Types of Restaurants

Select the restaurant type that best fits your establishment and find out why Lavu POS is a good fit.

Systematize Your Full-Service Restaurant with Lavu POS Software

Tables Turning, Lines Flowing

Taking orders with a few clicks on an iPad speeds up service and busts lines.

Increased Order Accuracy

Lavu provides clear communications between front of house and back of house. That means improved order accuracy for a better customer experience and less food waste.

Nightclubs & Bars Manage Better with Lavu Bar POS

Preauthorize Bar Tabs

Lavu's tab feature helps your bartenders crush it during the rush. They can easily add a preauthorized credit card to each tab to cut down on end of rush payment processing.

Check Customers Out with Ease

Split even the most convoluted checks easily. Allow customers to choose from print or electronic receipts and signatures.

Customize Your Happy Hours

Don’t let your busy times slow you down. Set your bar menu prices to change for multiple happy hours allowing staff to focus on customers and eliminating human error.

Cater to All Your Needs with Our Customizable Coffee Shop POS

Menu Customization

Lavu restaurant POS is perfect for your unique menu. No matter how many fancy coffee choices you want to offer, you can customize Lavu to show your specifications.

Layout Customization

Replicate your actual table layout on the Lavu screen to help your staff with table service.

Increased Order Accuracy

Building a good relationship with customers helps increase repeat business and order frequency. Engage and reward your customers to keep them coming back.

Quick-Serve Restaurant POS Allows You to Track Your Costs

Track Food Costs

Maintain tight control of your inventory, track your purchase orders, and know your quantities down to each recipe ingredient. Make real-time inventory adjustments, see real-time levels as items sell, and get notified when you’re running low.

Track Labor Costs

Simplify labor management using shift scheduling, time clock functionality, and labor reporting.
“Of course, the number one advantage is tracking sales. With Lavu restaurant POS, you can really get a snapshot of what’s selling and what’s not, test new items and evaluate how they’re doing, even track ingredient usage.”

- Saagar Grover, CFO, Twisters

Speed Up Your Service Using Lavu’s Pizza POS

Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs

Lavu offers gift cards and loyalty programs to help attract new customers and keep them coming back in regularly.

Lavu To Go - Online Ordering

Provide multiple order options to your customers with online ordering integrated with your website allowing for take-out or delivery.

Pizza-Building Module

Staff and customers can pick out the most intricate pizza easily with Lavu’s pizza-building module for your pizzeria.

Fast Casual Restaurant POS Enables You to Meet Customer Demands

Easy Orders & Payments

With Lavu’s restaurant POS your staff can reduce wait times for customers, send orders quickly, and keep your busy restaurant flowing smoothly.

Menu Modifiers

Prompt your staff to ask the right questions at the right time for each menu item. Encourage upselling while also ensuring all necessary information makes its way to the back of house.

Order Accuracy

Clear communications are critical for successful restaurant operations. Lavu’s touch screen ordering system improves communications and order accuracy by reducing human error.

Grow More with Multi-Location and Enterprise Restaurant POS Software

Item Transfer

Multiple locations are no problem with a Lavu restaurant POS. Use the inventory management feature to transfer goods between locations while staying on top of what you have at each venue.

Warehouse and Commissary

Orders can be tracked from warehouse through the distribution process to other locations. You can also distribute ingredients through to the menu item level.

Lavu Pilot - Track From Anywhere

The Pilot App lets you manage from a distance, signing on to one app to see information for multiple locations. You can get a quick look at gross sales, guest counts, total orders, and aggregated reports.

Integrate Your Restaurant POS for Maximum Success

  • Compeat

    Compeat is a restaurant management software that provides a full end to end solution. From back office and accounting to workforce management and payroll, we make it simple and we integrate with it all.

  • Chowly

    Chowly integrates your third-party online ordering platforms (TOOS), such as Grubhub,, UberEATS, and Chownow with your restaurant POS, bringing the virtual ordering experience full circle. Stop wasting time inputting orders by hand, let Chowly send the order directly to the kitchen via your Lavu POS.

  • bLoyal

    bLoyal delivers seamless omnichannel shopping experiences that help you attract, engage, and understand your customers. Including four out-of-the box editions, so small businesses can go big and big businesses can start small.

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Let Your Restaurant POS Be Your Complete Management System

300+ Restaurant POS Features

Visit our features page and explore all the restaurant functionality you can expect from your Lavu POS. We are constantly innovating, too—our feature set is always growing. Lavu’s goal is to help restaurant owners succeed, and we’re determined to add every feature that will help us reach that goal.