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"Our customers expect the best from us in a quick and friendly atmosphere which is what Lavu allows us to accomplish."

—Daniel and Kristen Cofrades, Co-Owners, Early Bird Restaurant, Denver, Colorado, USA

Master your operation with these optimized features:
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High quality, lower cost

Traditional point of sale systems have extremely steep price tags. Lavu has the same functionality, and more, for a fraction of the price. We only charge for what you need and can scale seamlessly as your restaurant grows.

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Order Versatility

The friendly, familiar interface of the iPad makes running a restaurant easy. Taking and placing orders with Lavu is simple, and with little to no training, your staff can split checks, assign seats, courses, and table numbers, and fly through orders with ease.

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We Listen and Improve

Because Lavu's Point of Sale is an iOS app, new features and improvements are released to our customers free of charge. We develop many customer-requested features and work to put them in your hands as quickly as possible.

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86 Countdown and Inventory

Lavu's 86 Countdown feature counts down popular menu items on the iPad screen so your servers know the minute that they are running low. Every time an order containing that item is placed, the tally is automatically and instantly adjusted.

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