Restaurant guides and resources

Restaurant resources & guides

Beginner's Guide to POS

Beginner's Guide to Restaurant POS

Are you looking to purchase your first restaurant POS system? Interested in switching to a new restaurant POS? Enjoy reading online guides with informative graphics? Our Beginner’s Guide to Restaurant POS is an informative resource for all the above. View Guide

A Guide to EMV Preparation

In the early 1990s, Europay, MasterCard, and Visa (EMV) decided credit card transactions needed to be more secure in order to lessen the chance of fraudulent transactions. To accomplish this goal, a set of standards for credit cards, ATMs, and payment terminals were created which still bear their name. View Guide

EMV Guide
Harness Your Restaurant Data

Harnessing Your Restaurant's Data

If you have a Point of Sale system with integrated reporting, you know that restaurants generate a lot of data. From inventory to sales reports, it can be difficult to understand and read those numbers, let alone use them to improve your restaurant’s operations. This guide will help you navigate the most important data and statistics that you will find in the control panel and reports of modern Point of Sale systems. View Guide

How To Create A Successful Menu

No matter how someone describes it, menu engineering, menu psychology, or menu pricing, creating a successful menu can mean the difference between lasting years in the business and not surviving past the first year. Follow this guide to learn how to create a successful menu for your restaurant. View Guide

Great Restaurant Menus
biz plan image

How to Build a Restaurant Business Plan

Opening a restaurant is an ambitious undertaking. Taking your business from a sketch on the back of a pub napkin to a profitable success only comes with proper preparation. Many restaurants fail within a few years of opening due to poor planning. A foolproof business plan can be your blueprint and your best ally by expecting — and outlining — the unexpected. View Guide

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