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Restaurant Management Efficiency

“Lavu has been proven to be a great tool for my business, Rude Boy Cookies. We use it to track sales, manage our menu mix and input schedules to name a few. I look forward to growing my business with Lavu along for the ride.”

— Michael Silva, Co-Owner,
Rude Boy Cookies

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Best-in-Class Integrations

“Lavu is very straightforward, it also integrates nicely with some of the other applications that allows us to even drill in deeper and to really understand where all of our money’s going”

— Jeremy Dow, Owner,
Devon’s Pop Smoke

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Customer Support is Customer Success

“Any time I have a question, I can talk to anyone at Lavu 24/7. They always answer and are able to help fix any issue. Not every single business is the same. It’s nice to be able to customize the system to our needs and pick and choose what we want.”

— Matt Bregar, President,
Piñon Coffee Company

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