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"Lavu has been proven to be a great tool for my business, Rude Boy Cookies. We use it to track sales, manage our menu mix and input schedules."

Michael Silva, Co-Owner, Rude Boy Cookies, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

Master your operation with these optimized features:
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Quick Serve Mode

Each new order starts on a simple menu screen. Upon checkout, users are sent right back to the order screen to begin another transaction. This saves time and generates quick turnover.

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Grows with Your Business

As your business grows, Lavu can help you accommodate more customers. Operate anywhere from one to twenty terminals in your location.

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Loyalty and Customer Database

With Lavu Loyalty, track customer purchases and reward them with points. Loyalty points and customer information can be stored on a simple gift card. Reward your loyal clients and entice new ones to return.

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Go Green

Lavu can help you to keep your operation earth-friendly. Receipts can be emailed to customers to decrease paper waste. By using a KDS, or Kitchen Display System, display all orders on an iPad or TV screen to eliminate kitchen receipts.

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