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Upgrade your Pizza Shop

"The versatility of Lavu iPad POS allows Fortina to have 7 different printers; servers never have to leave their stations."

—Rob Krauss, Co-Owner, Fortina Pizza, Armonk, New York, USA

Master your operation with these optimized features:
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Pizza Building Module

Make completely customized pizzas for your customers with the pizza builder. Add individual toppings to portions of the pizza to ensure they get exactly what they want.

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Customer Database

Save orders so your regulars can order the usual and you know exactly what they want. Search the customer database by phone number, email address or name.

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Delivery and Routing System

Enter multiple addresses and let Lavu give your driver turn-by-turn directions to each location in the most efficient order. Allow customers to order online for delivery or take-out by integrating online ordering into your website.

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With ingredient-level tracking, stay on top of your inventory. Use inventory reports to determine what sells the most and to fine tune menu items, reducing over-ordering and waste.

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