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"I love Lavu’s hourly sales. For me this report is priceless because I am constantly monitoring them for our 3 locations."

Vickie Fellows, Co-Owner, Squeezed Juice Bar, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

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Use Modifiers to Ensure Quality Drinks

Create menu item modifiers to ensure that customers receive the drink ingredients they want. Allow them to customize their beverages by adding and leaving out different ingredients.

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86 Countdown and Inventory

Never run out of a fruit or juice again. Simply enter the quantity on hand into the inventory, and every time an order containing that item is placed, the tally is automatically adjusted. You'll be alerted when you're running low.

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Reward Your Customers

With Lavu Loyalty, reward your customers with points each time they order. Customers can then redeem points at predetermined levels for rewards you have created.

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Live Reports - Remote or Local

Lavu is cloud-based, meaning all sales and inventory reports are accessible online through a computer or mobile device. Check your reports at home, on vacation, or anywhere with internet connection.

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