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A POS that travels as easily as your truck

Upgrade your Food Truck

"Through Lavu's customer-facing feature on the iPad, our guests can enter customized and unique creations and send it immediately to the kitchen."

— Sheryl Chile, Owner, Walter’s Coffee Now, Alberta, Canada

Master your operation with these optimized features:
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Compact and Easy-to-Use

Lavu's front-end interface was designed to require minimal training to cut down on the initial learning curve of a new POS system. With compact hardware, Lavu is efficient for the space-limited food truck.

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Line Busting

Using Lavu's handheld device interface, take orders from customers while they are in line, reducing wait time and increasing sales. Using this technique, you can focus on making the best food for your customers and eliminate the headache of keeping track of paper tickets.

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Keep Accurate Records in the Cloud

With Lavu's convenient cloud storage, all data is accessible anywhere with an internet connection. If you own a mobile eatery that travels to different locations, you can use sales reports to track which spots give you the best business.

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High Quality, Lower Cost

Traditional point of sale systems have extremely steep price tags. Lavu has the same functionality, and more, for a fraction of the price. We only charge for what you need and scale with your business.

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