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"Our tech-savvy customers expect us to have a leading edge POS solution that works well, and Lavu’s iPad-based solution not only meets the aesthetic demands of our award-winning retail stores, but also provides a responsive and intuitive platform that allows our baristas to focus on serving our coffee to our customers."

—Intelligentsia Management, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Master your operation with these optimized features:
coffee ipad pos

Simple, Inexpensive Setup

With just an iPad and credit card swiper, you're in business. Add a cash drawer, receipt printer and other equipment as needed. We understand that it's imperative that you get up and running as quickly as possible.

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Make Perfect Beverages

Set up unlimited menu item modifiers so your customers always get the right type of milk in their latte. Also use modifiers to upsell by requiring employees to offer a baked good with every order.

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Go Green

Lavu offers features to keep your shop earth-friendly. Receipts can be emailed to customers to decrease paper waste. By using a KDS, or Kitchen Display System, orders are displayed on an iPad or TV screen, eliminating the need for printed kitchen tickets.

Customer Loyalty Database

Lavu Loyalty allows you to track your customers' purchases and reward them with points. Loyalty points and customer information can be stored on a gift card. Reward your loyal clients and entice new ones.

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