Careers at Lavu

Lavu Careers

Headquarters: Albuquerque, New Mexico

Lavu believes in the power of an engaging, open work environment. You will find a wide variety of talented individuals all working toward the same goal: to build tools that help restaurant owners succeed. If you feel like you would be a good fit for our growing team, mail your cover letter and resume to Please include the position you are applying for and a short description of why you want to work at Lavu.


One of the key teams here at Lavu, the sales department is a customer-centric revenue center. With a focus on finding the right fit, Sales at Lavu aims to connect potential customers with the perfect Point of Sale solution for their business. Please send a cover letter and your resume to


Marketing at Lavu is a sales-driven, lead-generation machine. This department is a conglomerate of artists, developers and marketing professionals seeking to increase Lavu’s bottom line and notoriety in the restaurant industry. Please send a cover letter and your resume to

Customer Service

Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, the Lavu Support department has the backs of customers all over the world. From simple troubleshooting to full network installs, this team enlists patient, technologically talented individuals to assist with any and all customer inquiries. Please send a cover letter and your resume to

Product Development

Dev. is the name and software programming is the game in Lavu’s Product Development department. Dev. at Lavu is a dedicated group of talented programmers that strive to create and expand most advanced Restaurant Management System in the iPad POS market. Please send a cover letter and your resume to