The Funniest Restaurant April Fools’ Pranks in 2018

Restaurant April Fools’ Pranks

Posted: Apr. 02, 2018

This year, April Fools’ Day and Easter overlapped, inspiring a host of funny pranks by restaurants and major food and beverage companies. See our favorite pranks from 2018 below, and the reasons why you should prank your customers.

Anti-Aging Ice Cream from Uber Eats

Forget face serums, Uber Eats announced the world’s only anti-aging ice cream. Unfortunately for the United States, this tasty beauty elixir is only available in India. Bhavik Rathod, the Head of Uber Eats in India, says, “Yes, after years of hunting for the answer to aging, we have finally stumbled upon an ice cream that can rejuvenate the skin cells from within.” This game-changer is said to be sparking a wave of wellness food products, like weight-controlling pizzas.

Beef-Hued Sunglasses by Arby’s and Warby Parker

“Meat” the latest in sunglass fashion by WArby’s, a unique collaboration between the hamburger giant and trendsetting eyewear brand.  “Arby’s has an eye for meat. Warby Parker has meat for eyes. The result? A new partnership sandwiched somewhere between vision and at least eight different kinds of meat.” Fans of burger-goggles were invited to visit two New York City locations through Sunday for a chance to buy the Onion Ring Monocle and beef-hued shades.

Fried Eggs by Reese’s

While grocery shopping, residents of New Jersey received an egg-cellent surprise this weekend. Real eggs were swapped out for Reese’s Peanut Butter Crème Eggs, and unsuspecting shoppers couldn’t have been more delighted by the sweet April Fool’s gesture. Reese’s filmed the encounters here.

Edible Impact Phone Cases by tech21

High-tech, phone case brand tech21 is known for its sleek and durable designs. On Easter, they dropped their latest product, FlexChoc, “the world’s first edible impact protection material.” Dan Chen, their in-house Master Chocolatier describes, "At tech21, we see our cases as something that gives people freedom. And not just the freedom to enjoy their mobile tech, but the freedom to take a big bite out of life.”

Speak Another Language Easily with Brewolingo by Duolingo

The popular online language-learning service Duolingo released a line of beer designed to improve your proficiency in a foreign language and speed up the learning process. With Brewolingo, you will speak another language with ease.

Restaurants in Austin, Texas Have Fun Pranking Customers

Thanks to Eater Austin, we now know how mischievous restaurateurs are in the Live Music Capital of the World. Here are our two favorite restaurant pranks:

  • Torchy’s Tacos released a new perfume called Eau de Queso. “With notes of chile for spice and warmth, a dash of aromatic cilantro for brightness, and hints of musk for that long-lasting, addictive scent, you can now wear your passion on your sleeve. When your craving hits, just give it a spritz.”
  • The Launderette, one of Austin’s trendiest and most popular restaurants, discontinued its iconic birthday cake ice cream sandwiches. Fans were panicking.

April Fools’ Pranks are More than Just Fun Gags, They’re Smart Marketing for Businesses

You might be wondering what’s the point of putting so much effort into an April Fools’ Prank the way some of these companies did.

When you look at the landing pages by Uber Eats and WArby’s, it’s obvious that every detail was fastidiously considered as if it were a real product launch. When you have so many responsibilities on your plate—plus a budget to consider—who really has the time to flesh out an idea and execute it to the point that it’s a success?

In fact, these April Fools’ pranks serve to build a stronger community around the brands and restaurants that took part in the holiday.

In some cases, a prank was used to reinforce the brand’s reputation at large. For instance, the perfume by Torchy’s Taco reaffirmed the delicious flavors used by the restaurant. The fake product’s description served to remind customers how much they crave the food. In the case of Uber Eats, they used anti-aging ice cream as a metaphor for how great their service is at delivering any kind of food, even from hard-to-reach restaurants.

For other companies, the April Fools' prank was a direct call-to-action. Consider the way the Laundrette wrote their Instagram caption. It reads, “It’s lights out for our beloved #birthdaycakeicecreamsandwich. Join us tonight to saver one last sammy before it goes away forever!”

Followers were compelled to go that night so that they wouldn’t miss out. Even after learning that it’s not true, customers are more likely to visit the Laundrette because the invitation was so charming. When the call-to-action is irresistible, you’ll see an uptick in sales.

Whatever their intentions, the pranking boosted each business’s street credibility. Customers appreciate extra attention, even more so when it’s a surprise that makes them feel something. Laughter, shock, dismay—these are all powerful emotions that when elicited, create a connection between customer and company.

In 2019, try your hand at an April Fools’ Day joke that charms the pants off your customers. You won’t regret it!

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Posted: Apr. 02, 2018 | Written By: Emma Alois


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