Winery Report: Build Community Presence with Recurring Events

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Posted: Jan. 10, 2018

Today, we focus on hosting repeat events at your winery to stimulate business.

Fact: Americans love wine. In 2016, nearly 1 billion gallons of wine were consumed, and according to Wine Business Monthly, the number of operating wineries increased 5% to roughly 8,800. If these predictions are accurate, the wine production economy will only continue growing throughout the 50 states

Your audience is there—and clamoring for more. But so is the competition. How are you attracting new guests and setting your winery apart from competitors? One effective way is by hosting recurring events.

Host Weekly or Monthly Events at Your Winery

Most wineries tend to have large event spaces and promote them as sites for one-off celebrations like music concerts and weddings. Without putting these types of events to the wayside, we suggest investing resources into hosting a regular event at your winery. Weekly or monthly events have the power to:

  • Boost sales.
  • Attract new customers.
  • Build loyal patronage.

Unlike a one-time event, recurring events ingrain your winery into the community, making it a place for families and friends to build memories that last. Through word-of-mouth alone, your event would become a part of the social fabric, with guests choosing your wine over others to bring home or give as gifts.

Below, we explore different options for recurring events wineries can host. With the use of an advanced Winery POS system, you can offer special promotions or seasonal menu options, and most important, track your sales throughout the year to see its lasting impact.

Host a Sunday Wine Brunch

Brunch is one of the most popular meal times for consumers, and restaurants that serve weekend brunch see great success. If you have a kitchen, even a modestly equipped one, consider hosting a Sunday Wine Brunch. Your food offerings don’t need to be too extensive or complicated, so long as they are satisfying.

This allows you to create a menu that complements the wine, and to offer special prices, such as a free bottle of wine for every $30 spent or 25% off bottles, to boost sales.

Throw a Monthly Weekend Party with Live Bands

Good music attracts crowds; just look at how popular it’s become to travel across the country for a music festival. Start auditioning local bands, musicians, and performers for a weekend-long party every month. Choose musicians that your audience or community would like, regardless of your personal tastes.

Host an Art Exhibit

Viewing an exhibit at your winery would be an attractive experience for art viewers. Your winery could host a monthly art viewing party, serving your wine. New and potential customers would then learn about your winery and have a chance to taste the options for themselves.

Show the art throughout the month; this makes your winery available to a new group of visitors who come for the art but stay for the wine.

Connect with galleries, schools, or local groups to get started.

Partner with Well-Known Restaurants for a Wine-and-Food Pairing Menu

Restaurants are the bedrocks of communities, and aligning your winery with the preferred dining establishments in your area would set you in front of new eyes right away. The wine-and-food pairing menu could be hosted at your winery or at the restaurant, depending on your kitchen equipment limitations; yet both would still present great marketing options. 

Host a Wine-Down Weekend Gathering

If hosting brunches or live bands isn’t possible, then host a weekly event where guests can wind down after a long work week. A gathering of this kind works best at wineries with a cozy ambiance and lots of comfortable seating space.

This type of event can also be seasonal. If you have a spacious outdoor seating area, start planning now.

The benefits of hosting recurring events are seen over time, requiring patience and consistency on your part. See here for more ways to attract new customers.

Posted: Jan. 10, 2018 | Written By: Emma Alois

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