Subtly Upgrade Your Restaurant Using 3 French Tips

 Subtly Upgrade Your Restaurant

Posted: Jul. 05, 2018

Inspired by the French style of restaurant hospitality, we present three subtle tricks to enhance your restaurant’s guest experience.

Châteauneuf-du-Pape, La Mer from Lyon, and rich cheeses shape the perception of French gastronomy from the consumer’s perspective. Yet from the service side, the French are applauded for mastering the art of precise execution and attention to detail, while defining the tenants of world-class customer service.

Having set the standards of hospitality for the rest of the world, we think there is no better place than France to pick up a few tricks.

Whether one runs a Michelin-starred restaurant or a small bistro in Provence, menu prices are irrelevant when it comes to determining how well a restaurant in France treats its customers. It’s more than a lifestyle, it’s a matter of pride—most French-run restaurants cannot serve guests without knowing they are giving a top-notch quality.

Without pretension or a huge cost to your business, we present three ways to elevate your dining experience inspired by the French style of restaurant management. 

Present an Amuse-Bouche

In France, serving an amuse-bouche has become a common way to begin a guest’s dining experience. An amuse-bouche, also known as an amuse-gueule, is traditionally a bite-sized culinary surprise designed by the chef and given free of charge by the restaurant. It’s not an appetizer, although nowadays the portion sizes have grown to be a few bites.

The effect an amuse-bouche has on guests is always the same: first surprise, followed by curiosity, and finished with delight. It’s not a meal at all—it’s more of a scavenger hunt for the palette.

Usually a design of their own making, chefs use the amuse-gueule to play with elaborate techniques or off-beat ingredients. It’s a chance to be creative, and to keep the guests on their toes. It also satiates the hungry, antsy guest for a few more minutes.

Try serving an amuse-bouche at your restaurant. Contrary to what you might think, you don’t need to overspend to surprise and delight customers. Think of the amuse-bouche as a small gift to your customers, and with this small portion, you are defining your entire restaurant. So long as it is delicious, there are no rules to follow.

Only one thing can be taken for granted: Your restaurant customers will sincerely enjoy and appreciate this surprise morsel.

Maintain the Ambiance, Even for Your Last Guests

We can all relate to this experience; we get caught up in a great conversation, meanwhile, the restaurant has emptied out.

While your staff and you might be ready to go home, you define your level of service at this moment. Don’t be annoyed or frustrated if customers are taking their time to leave, and do not make guests feel uncomfortable for being the last.

In France, a dining experience is expected to be enjoyable, and the restaurant team takes great care to sustain the ambiance despite a late hour. The tabletops are discreetly cleared away without disturbing the conversation, and the ambiance lighting is kept on.

As you quietly close down your restaurant, take a page out of the book of French hospitality and keep the candles or table lights lit on the surrounding tables where your last guests are sitting. This subtle gesture shows your customers that even though the restaurant is winding down, their experience comes first.

Say goodnight the French way by sustaining all levels of the ambiance (music, lighting, and good service) until your guests pay the bill and leave through the door.

Prepare a Proper Table Setting

Even at a bar, it’s common for restaurants in France to put down a white tablecloth. Despite the casual atmosphere, a tablecloth is a symbol of cleanliness and respect for one’s meal hour. If it’s just drinks, then the table is usually left bare.

A tablecloth has the power to elevate a guest’s dining experience to the next level, without much cost to your restaurant. Additionally, well-crafted utensils should be invested in to enhance the guest experience. Although it might have been cost effective at one point, upgrade any flatware that digs into the hand, bends with little pressure, or that is dull and scratched. The small investment has a big impact on the overall dining experience.

Implement these three tricks into your daily routine for a better customer experience, and if you haven’t yet made the switch, learn about the ways a restaurant POS system can help your business.



Posted: Jul. 05, 2018 | Written By: Emma Alois

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