See an ROI With Your Restaurant Social Media

Restaurant Social Media

Posted: May. 03, 2018

Posting on social media can seem like shouting into an abyss. If you are disenchanted by social media, know that you are not alone. There are myriad others like yourself who feel as though no one is listening.

So why bother? Well, because the benefits, though not always immediately visible, can be tremendous in the long term.

Social media is free, easy, and convenient. But it's also an ongoing effort. The trick is not to spend too much time and energy on it. Instead, strategically place your efforts to see a strong ROI for your restaurant.


Choose One Method of Social Media and Go to Town

If you are new to social media, take your pick from the big channels and make a strong page. Focus your efforts on just one channel, whether it is Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, or Pinterest. By ignoring the other mediums (for the time being), you reduce pressure and free up some time.

Once you get into an easy rhythm of sharing, you can investigate the results of your efforts. Don’t just look at the number of likes; look at your followers for market research.

  • How old are they?
  • Where do they come from?
  • What are their interests?

Also, review other companies they follow and look for trends. For example, if you are a bakery and you notice that a large number of your followers are Pinning photos of macaroons, follow suit by baking a fresh batch and posting a picture. If you start building a symbiotic relationship with your followers, you will see a gradual positive response.

(Note: If you choose Facebook, you are encouraged to pay to get a broader reach. Before investing money, post for free over the course of several weeks, to establish your brand identity and get to know your audience.)

If you see that your followers react more to certain posts than others, analyze the similarities among those posts to create more along those lines.

By building the social media engagement of just one channel, you allow yourself the chance to dig in and be heard.


Be Spontaneous When You Post, but Plan for Specials, Holidays, and Events

Impromptu photo opportunities are bountiful in the restaurant life—happy customers, the daily special, pretty plating—and cannot be planned for. This works in your favor because you do not need to spend precious minutes thinking about what to post. Just keep alert throughout your day, and be ready to snap a photo.


Photos are wildly popular among social media users. Keep your pictures clean and bright to inspire sharing and reposting. As you continue to post in a natural way, your brand’s voice will emerge, and you will become increasingly aware of how to engage your audience.


To counterbalance your spontaneous initiative, it is helpful to plan for the big moments. Make a schedule of upcoming national holidays, and check for unofficial days that relate to your type of business. If you want to highlight a special change or event coming up, take extra time to create a unique image or flyer. For events and promotions, roll out announcements with before, during, and after posts to engage your followers.


Track Progress

A successful social media push should have:

  • A clear objective.
  • Attainable goals.
  • Specific targets.
  • Relevancy.


Your goals might vary from strategy to strategy, but they should hit on all of the above. Additionally, give a deadline for every campaign. Deadlines are a useful technique for not getting overwhelmed with the enormous responsibility of a social media presence.


To stay on track, give clear instructions to your staff, tie them back to your business goals, and assign a budget. In time, your social media push will show increased profits and pay for itself.


These tips will get you back on your social media feet. However, every restaurant is different. The more time you spend listening to your customers and giving them attention, the better you will understand how to speak to them through these platforms.


Posted: May. 03, 2018 | Written By: Emma Alois

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