One Easy Trick to Boost Your Instagram Presence

Boost Your Restaurant's Instagram Presence

Posted: Jan. 31, 2018

Where there is engagement on Instagram, there is increased foot traffic to your restaurant.

It can be said that Instagram is the most influential social media site for businesses. Retail stores and fashion brands can have such high engagement that stock sells out within days of a heavy marketing push.  

That’s because shoppers are using Instagram the way they used to use a brand’s website. Hashtags are explored, content reviewed, and other Instagram accounts featuring the clothing are scrolled through. This research serves to weave a picture of the brand’s overall identity together, which then informs shoppers’ decisions to buy or not.

Retail businesses are selling so well through Instagram that the social media giant recently developed a feature that turns up the heat:  Shoppable, which lets Instagram users shop directly off of a post.

Restaurants, although they cannot sell food directly from a post, can benefit from similar engagement.  

Engagement on social media is counted in metrics of “likes” and “follows,” but getting high engagement on Instagram is difficult for any business. And especially for some restaurants with a non-stop flow of customers. Social media is a useful tool to learn though, especially if your customer base includes millennials.

Fortunately, the rules of social media are changing. Customers are using your restaurant’s Instagram account like a website—and this is good news!

With the use of geotags, hashtags, and attractive plates of food—you can let your customers do the Instagramming for you.

Here’s how:

As mentioned in Baum + Whiteman’s 2018 Food and Beverage Trends Report, the latest trend in restaurant marketing is to create Instagrammable desserts (read: very photographable) to generate some buzz.

How Restaurants Can Engage Customers Through One Trick on Instagram

To have a strong and engaged community, it used to be necessary to spend hours on Instagram or to court dozens of food bloggers. But the rules are changing in your favor. These days, having a huge volume of followers isn’t as important as a well-curated selection of posts is.

“Knowing what a dish looks like is really important when deciding what to order,” says 24-year-old Rosie from London, “So I always go on Instagram first - not just the restaurant’s page either but the geotag and sometimes the hashtag too.”

Millennials are using a restaurant’s Instagram page to make dining choices, and more important than the number of followers is the delectability of the pictures posted.

According to a new study by Zizzi, 18- to 35-year-olds spend five whole days a year browsing food images on Instagram, and 30% avoid a restaurant if they perceive its Instagram presence is weak.

“All my friends check out a restaurant’s Instagram page to see what we want when we go out for a meal,” said one 23-year-old Londoner to the Independent.

Turn Your Desserts into Instagram Stars

Today, we present a new Instagram hack: Use dessert to build engagement.

Restaurants from New York City to Hong Kong are making Instagrammable desserts so irresistible, crowds are flocking to their doors.

6 Tricks to Making an Instagrammable Dessert:

There is just something special about dessert. The fact that it’s not a necessity but a desire adds a magical quality to sweet confections. Plus, the ingredients allow you to be more whimsical and flamboyant than with appetizers or entrees.

Follow these tips for an Instagram-worthy dish that has customers snapping pictures and sharing the photos with their social communities. Train your servers to encourage customers that are taking pictures to geotag and hashtag the name of your restaurant for increased exposure.

  1. It must be radical; a dessert that customers are delighted and surprised by.
  2. Supersize it.
  3. Be bold with color choices, such as using a monochromatic theme or all the colors of a rainbow.
  4. Combine several favorite dishes into one, like red velvet chocolate chip pancakes or birthday cake croissant.
  5. Make a laborious dessert, like this 15-layer crepe cake.
  6. Create a simply beautiful dish.

Go one more step and write a special hashtag onto the plate, as a not-so-subtle reminder to hashtag the dish so others can find you.

With an Instagrammable dessert, your guests can’t help but post and share the delicacy with all their followers, who in turn, will come and check your restaurant out for themselves.

Check out six more ways to increase restaurant traffic with your social media.

Posted: Jan. 31, 2018 | Written By: Emma Alois

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