Are You Marketing Your Winery to the Right Audience?

Marketing Your Winery

Posted: Jul. 11, 2018

Success in the winery business hinges on knowing exactly who your target audience is.

As the winery industry booms across the United States, maintaining a competitive edge is growing increasingly important. Having great wines is just the first step to growing your winery. To make your mark, you need to know who is drinking your wine.

Today, we reveal the importance of knowing your target audience, how to figure out who they are, and what to do once you know.

Who is your target audience?

Before planning an event or creating marketing campaigns, first define your target audience. Who is drinking your wine? Many wineries—and businesses—make the mistake of overgeneralizing their target audience. For instance, a pizza shop can say, anyone who eats pizza. Except, there are young students who want to order pizza delivery through a mobile app, and older pizza lovers craving a thin-crust pizza on a terrace, and many more types of pizza eaters.

Having a large, ambiguous target audience makes it difficult to pinpoint your real customers’ needs and deliver whatever it is that they want.

For wineries, the mistaken audience is, everyone who drinks wine.

Who is really drinking your wine? Start refining your target audience by the most common demographics, and then start asking more precise questions. Eventually, you will have enough answers that range from broad qualities to specific characters to make a detailed audience description:

Here are some examples of questions to ask about your customer base:

  • How old are our wine drinkers?
  • Do we have more men or women buying from us?
  • Do our customers bring their children or come with friends?
  • Do our customers have a specific fashion style?
  • Are our customers social media savvy?
  • What days do we receive the most customers, and why do we think that is?
  • What time of day do our customers come in?
  • Do our customers tend to drop in last minute, or make reservations in advance?
  • Do we get asked about our food options?
  • Do our customers have pets?

This sampling of lead-in questions reveals a great deal about your target audience and should inspire more revelations about the motives, desires, and behaviors of your true consumer audience.

To learn as much as possible about your customers, hold a meeting with your entire staff, from the parking attendant to the sommelier. Everyone has a specific interaction with winery guests, and a rich, descriptive picture can be made by bringing all these unique perspectives together.

Deliver What Your Audience Wants

With a detailed description of who your customers are (and yes, it is possible to have two types of customers), you can kick-start initiatives that speak to your customers, making them loyal, repeat shoppers. Knowing who they are will show you ways of appealing to their interests and demands.

For instance, if you attract recent college graduates and people in their mid- to late-thirties, you should start working on your social media branding. Instagram is wildly useful for building a social media presence for your winery, and it’s used by most people in this age category. (Use this trick to boost likes.)

Once your Instagram aesthetic is determined and you garner significant followers, you can later use Instagram to promote upcoming events, market new releases of wine, or announce specials.

On the other hand, if you find that your audience is mostly professionals between 35 and 55 years of age, start collecting emails and building a list. This age group opens their emails and relies on the information they receive. This opens the option for sending out a monthly newsletter that includes event promotions, wine specials, and more.

Additionally, you can start a wine happy hour between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. for customers getting out of work. This target audience has a reliable income and might be traveling more often than most, so you can start tailoring your entire experience based on what this group knows and likes, such as updating the décor to be more polished and modeling your customer service experience after 5-star hotels. What’s more, this target group opens a new sales channel for you: Hosting corporate events.   

Knowing who your audience is inspires and informs many new ways of satisfying your customers. Remain attentive to their needs and deliver their wants in practical and creative ways to build loyalty, and to remain competitive in this growing industry.

For extra back-up, start using a mobile Winery POS System for improved efficiency and streamlined operations.



Posted: Jul. 11, 2018 | Written By: Emma Alois

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