3 Tips for Stellar Pizza Delivery Service

Stellar Pizza Delivery

Posted: Mar. 02, 2018

Pizzerias were the first among restaurants to embrace the telephone. The new technology sparked waves of take-out orders, which pizza shops answered by establishing home delivery operations. Now, deliveries are ubiquitous to pizza parlors; it’s something customers expect. With the arrival of third-party delivery services, ordering pizza has only gotten easier.

With so many options to choose from, what steps are you taking to distinguish your services from the rest?

To shine in this business, you must go the extra mile. Below, we share three tips for improving your pizza delivery service. Not only will they streamline your operations, with a little effort, they can convert new or fair-weather customers into loyal supporters.

Deliveries with a Smile

As the owner of a pizza shop and a member of the hospitality industry, you know the impact a smile has on customers. Customers are the lifeblood of your business, and how they are treated determines the future of your business. This is a lesson to reinforce again and again with your delivery drivers.

Whenever a driver approaches a customer’s door, he or she should have a smile in place. Being friendly and greeting customers with an inviting countenance is of the greatest importance because this is the only face-to-face interaction people have with your business. How this meeting goes leaves a lasting impression.

Despite new technology that replaces much human interaction, customers cannot resist a great experience that leaves them feeling pleased and happy. When hiring new drivers, seek out candidates with social personalities that represent your pizza shop in the best way. In every sense of the term, they are the brand ambassadors of your business. How they show up and interact with your customers impacts your bottom line.

In addition to excellent social skills and positive energy, appearances are important. Uniforms should be clean and wrinkle-free, and a driver should look groomed for work.

Train your drivers to introduce themselves to customers and build a light-hearted rapport so that on repeat visits, the customer doesn’t feel like just another caller, but like a valued client. Encourage your drivers to keep notes and make reminders on order preferences. For instance, if a client is hard of hearing and might not hear the doorbell, the driver knows to call in advance to announce his or her arrival. 

Another tip to excel in delivery customer service is to send your drivers out with extras. Callers might forget to ask for certain sides like ranch sauce, parmesan cheese, chili peppers, or paper plates. Pizza is more than just food—it’s a party in a box, and getting these extra condiments enhances the overall customer experience.

Lastly, train your drivers on how to make a professional impression. How many times have you ordered take-out only to have the delivery person shuffle away without making eye contact? Instead, insist that your brand ambassadors look customers in the eye, give a genuine “thank you,” and leave with a parting reference to your service, “Looking forward to your next order.” This final act will not just impress customers, they will remember to call your pizza parlor the next time cravings hit.

The Power of POS Technology

Support your business with a pizza shop point-of-sale system. Not only are your sales numbers streamlined, so are your inventory, scheduling, and delivery procedures.

Too often drivers feel like disconnected satellites in orbit, but with a pizzeria POS, the connection is maintained. A POS acts as the backbone of your pizzeria, optimizing your delivery services with useful technology like integrated mapping software that tracks orders and suggests the fastest routes for drivers.

The result is a better service for customers. Drivers spend less time in your restaurant waiting for orders, as the POS tracks and stores order information in order of priority. It also serves to maximize your drivers’ time by sorting delivery runs by area. The POS solves one of the biggest problems of every delivery service: timely deliveries.

Customers want the order experience to be as fast as possible too. POS systems can keep track of your customer’s information like names, addresses, previous orders, and special requests. Even better, the kitchen gets the order in seconds.

A good pizza shop POS system can speed up your operations and provide ease of use to your staff.

Do a Little More

Don’t fall into the category of businesses that overlooks the small stuff.

  1. In any area of service, the details matter, like packing foods in hot bags to preserve the heat or limiting the number of orders per run so food stays fresh.
  2. Since the customer experience continues at home, think about ways to remind customers of how great your business is. If there is room in your budget, invest in modern packaging like clear tops for pasta dishes or napkins with your logo printed on it.
  3. Presentation of food also holds a great fascination among people and enhances the overall joy of eating food—Instagram and Pinterest are proof of this. Even though it’s just a delivery, present food to customers the same way you would to a tabletop.

With your delivery service, combine high-quality customer service and attention to detail with POS technology, and give your customers an unbeatable experience. The next time they want pizza, customers won’t hesitate to call your pizza shop.

See seven more ways to optimize your pizza delivery service here!

Posted: Mar. 02, 2018 | Written By: Emma Alois

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