Top 10 Traits of Successful Restaurant Managers

Successful Restaurant Managers

Sep. 01, 2017 | 4

Managing a restaurant with great skill takes experience, these six effective habits, and certain key traits. Your job is not just to oversee the operations of the restaurant and staff, but to elevate the restaurant. Successful restaurant managers strive for more than keeping their restaurants afloat—they strive to make a profit and a reputation for the business.

With the right combination of skills and characteristics, managers can make monumental impacts that have resounding effects for years to come. Get to know which traits to present and how to exert them below, where we reveal the top 10 traits shared by successful restaurant managers

Be a Multi-Tasker

No matter the time of day, a restaurant manager has his or her hands full. Whether it’s bussing tables or reviewing the accounting books, there is rarely a moment of calm. Knowing how to juggle multiple responsibilities at once is the most useful trait for any restaurant manager. (Some say that the key to multitasking is slowing down before you speed up.)

Learn how to organize your duties so that any last-minute fires can be managed without adding stress. If you can streamline your responsibilities, you can handle multiple tasks at once.

Manage Your Stress

There are dozens of opportunities throughout the day where you can lose your cool; find a way to manage your stress so your stress doesn’t rule you. Employee conflicts, inventory errors, power failures—these are normal problems at a restaurant. It’s important that your staff sees your ability to stay calm in stressful situations. Not only does it inspire them, it deepens their respect for you.  

Finding ways to manage your stress is difficult, but well worth the effort. If you’re looking for a new way to reduce your stress levels, here are 70 options to choose from.

Have Social Skills

One part of management requires you to step out into the limelight and interact with guests. Successful restaurant managers work on their social skills to build fruitful relationships with customers. Never view a guest as a one-time visitor; instead, take each visit as an opportunity to talk with your guests. Make customers feel welcome, and they are more likely to return.

Keep Good Records on Employees

All businesses are required by the US Department of Labor to keep accurate and up-to-date records of employees. Keeping good records might be tedious work, but the good practice keeps your business running legally. Stay on top of your staff’s schedule, including the number of hours scheduled and hours of overtime, as well as payment processes.

Be Innovative

In the routine of your day-to-day management responsibilities, being innovative can be overlooked—always take time to be proactive.

Schedule at least one hour a week to brainstorm and have new ideas. Consider the problem areas, new ways to be effective, or fun, fresh concepts, like a special event or employee-rewards program. Having new ideas and introducing them is a crucial part of being a restaurant manager. While it’s necessary to maintain order, don’t be afraid to shake things up.

Take Responsibility

Did you know that restaurant managers are responsible for the distribution of safe and sanitary produce? The Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act requires managers to know the federal requirements and abide by them.

Know Your Product

As a restaurant manager, you should know your restaurant in and out, such as:

  • What is the back story?
  • Where do you source your ingredients from?
  • Does the kitchen have a unique cooking process?  
  • Is there a reason for a specific décor choice? 

Knowing your menu is especially important, so spend time in the kitchen and get to know the food. Also, conduct frequent taste tests to maintain quality control.

Be a Systemic Thinker

Support the energy and passion of your restaurant with a clear system. Think about you’re your restaurant needs and put it on paper, such as a loss prevention strategy or a crisis plan.

Be a Profitable Thinker

Breaking even is not sustainable long-term, and it’s far from being inspiring. It’s the duty of the restaurant manager to find ways to be more profitable, even if that means cutting costs.

Be Passionate

Passion is the key to success. Fuel the passion for your work by integrating your personal interests into the job, when applicable. For instance, did you take an inspiring trip to Japan? Talk to your owner and chef about featuring Japanese-inspired dishes one night.

How you decide to ignite your passion is up to you, but make sure that you do. Passion will push you to work harder and enjoy your work more. The end result will be very happy customers. 

Sep. 01, 2017 | BY Emma Alois


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