3 Fast Ways to Find Great Seasonal Hires for the Holidays

Find Great Seasonal Hires

Posted: Nov. 07, 2018

Find and hire excellent seasonal employees in time for the busy holiday season.

The beginning of November marks the beginning of a busy two months filled with office parties, holiday celebrations, and Thanksgiving dinners. If you haven’t yet found seasonal hires for the holidays, there is still time to get organized.

By hiring a few short-term employees for the season, your permanent staff gets the support they need, and your operations continue to run smoothly. Below, we present three ways to find and hire great seasonal employees.

Contact Previous Seasonal Hires

Don’t wait for someone to contact you. One of the fastest hiring methods is to search within your pool of previously-employed staff. Start with former employees (who worked either seasonally or long-term) that impressed you the most. You might find that one or two people are in the position to accept a seasonal position. If none of your first choices are available, continue working your way through your list of former employees.

It will require some time on your part, but the payoff is immense. Rehiring a former staff member would eliminate a long training period. Time spent bringing a brand new hire up to speed can be spent elsewhere, like planning your New Years’ Eve party! With a single refresher course, your rehired seasonal staff can pick up where they left off.

Ask Employees for Recommendations

After you have exhausted your rehiring possibilities, ask your hired staff for their help. There’s a good chance that someone in their circles would be a great fit and available. In your next staff meeting, specify the following:

  • Which roles are available and how many
  • The duration of the hiring period
  • Certain requirements or skills needed (for instance, a seasoned bartender)

If several candidates are introduced, consider the recommendations from your most reliable employees first. This group has already proven their commitment to your business and would only recommend a strong candidate. Plus, knowing that a friend or family member’s poor performance would reflect badly on them, only serious and qualified candidates would be brought forward.

Post the Job on Highly Visible Platforms

Posting a For Hire sign in your window is a start, but it’s only going to bring in a wide pool of candidates if the location is on a busy street. For maximum exposure, post about the seasonal-hire positions on these platforms:

  • Facebook business and personal pages
  • Instagram accounts (both business and personal)
  • Indeed.com
  • Snagajob.com
  • The local weekly paper
  • College or university bulletin boards

Tapping into the local college pool could yield excellent results. Some students might be from the area or others can’t make it home for the holidays, and a seasonal job is what they need: it fills their time and lines their pockets. College students tend to be motivated as well, as they rely on the extra cash to pay for books the next semester or take a trip in the future.

Additionally, post job openings in community forums. Word will spread and you can fill the jobs fast, which would give you more time to train and prepare new hires for the busy season.

Once You Find and Hire the Right Seasonal Staff Members

With the right people hired and open positions filled, arrange for group training sessions. Training new hires together builds comradery (which is excellent for productivity and workplace morale), and it also speeds up the process for you.  

In your training sessions, explain:

  • Your concept and story
  • What’s special about your menu or sourcing methods
  • The types of customers that come to your establishment and their expectations for service and food
  • The process for setting up the tables
  • Where they can find more supplies if necessary—such as toilet paper or napkins
  • Important operational systems that are integral to their positions

Mobile point-of-sale systems can simplify employee training with supplemental videos, such as how to take payments fast or modify an order with the BOH. If you are using a restaurant POS system, increase productivity with these training videos.

After a comprehensive training session, schedule the new seasonal hires to work the slower shifts. Help them acclimate by appointing two or three senior employees—who are not just reliable and good at their jobs, but good at working with people—to work alongside them. Give them the authority to look out for mistakes and to train the new hires as they see fit.  It can be intimidating to ask the managers questions in the beginning, but new hires will be comfortable asking a seasoned, friendly employee for help.

With well-staffed FOH and BOH teams, you are ready to meet the holiday demands!

You will see an uptick in foot traffic and sales through November and December; stay on top of your operations by harnessing the data from your POS system.





Posted: Nov. 07, 2018 | Written By: Emma Alois


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