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Serve up success as well as you serve drinks

Upgrade your Bar

"The Lavu system helps create a seamless experience for our customers that is low-key yet sophisticated."

—Sarah Benary, Owner, Brothers Drake Meadery & Bar, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Master your operation with these optimized features:
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Customizable Happy Hours

With Lavu's happy hour feature, bar owners and managers can set an automatic percentage or dollar discount during set times. For weekends and special holidays, set multiple Happy Hours to accommodate your guests.

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Create Tabs and Pre-authorize

Stay on top of your Friday night rush with Lavu's simple and efficient tab feature. Quickly create a tab and pre-authorize a credit card simply by swiping it. When it comes time to close the order, you can close the tab without swiping the card again.

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Handheld Devices

Lavu runs on any iOS device. This allows servers the freedom to carry devices with them and place orders on-the-go. This is especially useful to servers in busy bars, as they can keep a continuous stream of orders flowing to the bar without having to deliver paper tickets.

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Employee Management

Using Lavu's Employee Management features, you can track the hours of your employees and assign multiple positions and pay rates. Set different access levels to limit some functions, such as voiding items and providing manager-only discounts.

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