Lavu iPad POS Available Worldwide

POSLavu in Any Language - Make your Own!

Lavu iPad POS Breaks Down Barriers

The Lavu iPad POS solution runs in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, food trucks and clubs all over the world.  We let people use any language they want, express their distinct culture, and easily adapt our flexible system to their environment.  No matter the tax structure, dialect, or customs, anyone can make the Lavu iPad POS system their own. We want to give everyone the ability to love what they do and love Lavu. A big part of that is giving them control to create their perfect point of sale system.

Lavu iPad POS Available Worldwide

Lavu Inc. does not own Game of Thrones© images or Dothraki language… but we think it’s awesome.

Custom Language Packs

Whether you speak english, spanish, thai, or klingon (yes, klingon), Lavu POS has a language pack for you. Our pre-programmed language packs cover over twenty of the most popular languages used around the world, with the ability to customize different words to accommodate for regional dialect, lingo or slang. You also have the option to start from scratch and create a completely unique language for your account. If you wanted to “geek out” and have your staff use Dothraki, the fictional language of Game of Thrones lore, then Lavu’s customizable language pack is for you.

Lavu iPad POS Available Worldwide

Lavu has clients in over eighty countries on six continents. No matter where you’re located, Lavu POS can be tailor-made for your specific needs. People from all walks of life can personalize their account, and create something they truly love and enjoy working with. It’s remarkable that two completely different restaurants, located on separate hemispheres with unique cultures and customs, can succeed using the same POS system.