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Why choose our iPad POS software

Restaurant iPad POS systems that simplify workflow.
Business management software to improve your bottom line.
Customer service tools all conveniently controlled with a single dashboard.

Simplify business so you can enjoy success.

Thousands of businesses worldwide.

   10,000+ pos terminals
   Restaurants in 86 countries
   $3 billion+ in annual transactions

More Than Just a Point of Sale System

Discover how a mobile point of sale solution can increase employee efficiency, speed up front of house service, and help you manage your restaurant. Our Point of sale software works for tableside environments such as fine dining, wine bars, and cafes and is also a great solution for quick serve environments like food trucks, coffee shops, and frozen yogurt bars.

We do all sorts of custom integrations too. Our POS software can be customized for unique establishments.

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and thousands more use our ipad pos system…

Point of sale software reviews

  • iPad POS + Quickbooks Integration
    “I know my sales at all times because of real-time reports available anywhere. It’s also very easy to export my daily totals into quickbooks, which I’ve been using since we opened in 2012.”

    / Dim Sum Inc.

  • ipad pos easy payment processing
    An iPad POS solution helps NOLA Smokehouse process orders and take credit card payments with ease, and that’s incredibly important for Bechtold. “Lavu iPad POS is simple and easy to use, and I learn something new everyday.”

    / NOLA Smokehouse

  • Simple Point Of Sale
    “Lavu makes it easy to check everything in my restaurant. I have a lot of businesses and sometimes I don’t stay in my restaurant.” Along with remote access, Mr. Boy likes the ease of an iPad POS. “The system is easy to use, and reduces mistakes our staff could make using paper and pens."

    / Laan Lao

  • best iPad POS
    Choosing the right POS system was integral to helping keep the business on track. " Lavu iPad POS helped us structure the business and be able to initiate rock solid systems. Before we had to count on the memory of the staff, but now our point of sale does all the thinking for us. It has certainly made all our jobs easier."

    / Lindsay’s Cafe

How to Get a POS System for iPad

Do It Yourself

restaurants pos

Start your Free Trial today! Discover how our point of sale system can benefit your business.

  • Start your Free Trial
  • Download our iPad POS from the App Store
  • Login and Start Customizing

*Requires some networking experience and technical know-how. Not for the meek.

Contact a Local Specialist

pos specialist

Our POS Specialists are trained in all things Lavu and can ensure that your system is setup correctly.

We recommend that you get setup through a Specialist. They are networking ninjas that set you up with style, offer account programming and onsite tech support.

*POS Specialists are not an actual ninjas.
**But they are awesome

Learn More About How iPad Point of Sale Works

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Get a backstage pass to our POS webinar and see firsthand how our system creates a complete point of sale solution.
You can leave your pen in your apron.

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